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American HeartHealth  Service Lowers Cholesterol

The product used in this service, BIOS LIFE ®, is the ONLY clinically proven cholesterol-reducing agent listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference®  that has NO contra-indications or dangerous side-effects! It is medically endorsed as an effective treatment for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and regulating blood sugar levels. It has been tested independently, it works to lower cholesterol significantly, and it’s natural.

Start on the road to heart health now …if you have high cholesterol (higher than 200), you already know you must do something to reduce your cholesterol quickly. At that high level, your doctor may even be considering prescribing potentially dangerous statin drugs, weighing the risk of your high cholesterol as perhaps worse than the risk of the statin drug’s side-effects.

Now, for the first time, there is proven medical research offering a safe first step… a way to lower cholesterol without statin drugs. More about lower cholesterol

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Reduce cholesterol with Bios Life  Prevent and reverse cardiovascular disease
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