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American HeartHealth Services™ is a service organization that specializes in delivering effective, convenient treatments, heart health, and wellness products. As an independent business, we provide heart health advice, and distribute Unicity™ natural remedies and nutritional supplements.

For perspective, Unicity is based in Utah and had 2003 sales of approximately $200 million. It had been a part of a large Dutch conglomerate, and benefited from their substantive R&D and medical technology expertise. Unicity Management bought the Company in 2003, and it is now privately-held.

Unicity is the owner of the unusual patents for BIOS LIFE 2®, and has provided American HeartHealth Services with the opportunity of marketing their products. Unicity is a leader in natural products that have clear and independent proof of efficacy as well as safety. Bios Life 2® and Cellular Essentials® are two of their primary success stories. Notwithstanding their proven performance results with heart health, these products, until recently, have been virtually unknown because they have not been broadly advertised or sold in retail stores. Nor are they sold to Doctors one-on-one by salespeople who work for the many aggressive drug companies. Nonetheless, these products have now started to become visible, and are strongly endorsed by the medical community that is knowledgeable about them.

Bios Life 2® is recognized as a legitimate alternative to the use of statin drugs for the safe reduction of cholesterol. Often it is often recommended by doctors along with one of the statin drugs, to reduce the required dosage of those drugs which have some potentially serious negative side-effects.

American HeartHealth Services™ is very proud of its role in bringing the world ever- closer to controlling heart health. It stands behinds its products and service (60 day money back guarantee), and believes it is on the leading edge of heart health solutions for the next decade. Achieving heart health means reducing your risk of premature death from heart disease caused by cholesterol buildup inside the arteries, forming plaque, and then clogging arteries. We believe this is a risk you can reduce by taking appropriate action.

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