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I'm a member of the board of directors of a large multi-specialty group practice of over 100 physicians, and also past member of the boards of directors of a large medical center in the Mid-West. I'm board certified in foot and ankle surgery and I'm a member of the American Diabetes Association, and I have a real passion for diabetic limb salvage.
I started taking the BiosLife2 program to show my wife that these products would not work. Essentially for two reasons: I had high cholesterol and I knew from my training that natural products could not lower cholesterol levels. And number two, I did not want to damage my reputation in the medical community for promoting vitamins and natural products to my patients.

Well, its very difficult to tell your wife that she knows more about vitamins than you do. But when my cholesterol went from 251 to 195 and my LDL's went from high risk to low risk in four weeks, without dietary change, I just had to fess up, because numbers don't lie. BiosLife2 fiber supplement, along with the Cellular Essential program, have transformed the lives of so many of my diabetic patients that I must share these products with everyone I come in contact with. That's my job as a doctor, taking care of the patient. And now, I can help the patient take care of themselves.

Over the last three years I have come to know Unicity as a company that has high integrity and vision. They provide superior products that hold U.S. Patents and are providing a higher quality of life for my patients. And they are doing this as a preventative health care program. I firmly believe that my wife's Unicity business is going to do more good for the health of more people than the last thirteen years of my practice or in my next twenty.
Dr. Bill P.

I'm board certified in both internal medicine and cardiology and I had the privilege of practicing medicine full time at UCLA where I conceived, developed and ran the preventive health program for a period of about 10 years. During that time period I was very curious about using fiber in treating Hypercholesterolemia and disease in general. At that time, I was unable to do so because there was no commercially available product that I could use.

About one year ago I had my cholesterol checked. My triglycerides were 1,284. At that level it puts you at risk for hemorrhagic panceatitis and death, and I really wasn't prepared to die about then. My cholesterol was 316 and my dad had heart disease prematurely so I knew I had to do something about it.

At that time I met a friend who exposed me to BiosLife, and I knew about the product right away because I had been studying for was like a God send to me. I began taking the product and over a period of about four months my weight dropped 35 pounds, my cholesterol went from 316 to 174 and my triglycerides from 1200 to less than 200. I'm sure, because of the Unicity product, I added decades on to my life.
Dr. Franklin M. , M. D.

Using BiosLife2, we've had patients reduce their cholesterol level substantially in a month. Personally, I have lowered my cholesterol from 212 to 160.
Dr. George W., Family Practitioner, Wichita, Kansas

I'm a general surgeon and have a particularly important story. I'm one of 14 children. Among those 14 children and their spouses, there have been nine heart attacks, five strokes, seven cardiovascular bypass surgeries, three of my brothers have died and one sister. Since I have been exposed to BiosLife 2, I have learned that cholesterol can be dramatically lowered, that weight loss is possible, and, best of all, that when Cellular Essentials is introduced, the devastating effects of cardiovascular disease on my family can be eliminated. And for that I'm grateful.
Dr. John W.

As with many medical professionals, my initial attraction to Unicity was because of Bioslife II. At age 46 , with borderline cholesterol and a father who had had a heart attack at 50, I faced the prospect of taking my first prescription medication.  Six weeks after starting bioslife, my cholesterol dropped 57 points to 202, which was extremely impressive since it had never been below 225 in the fifteen years before.  I then started on Cellular Essentials and Vascular Complete along with the Bioslife, an incredible trio for cardiovascular disease prevention. My medical education includes Harvard University, Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes Hospital where I did my ophthalmology residency and where I  currently hold an assistant clinical professorship.  5 1/2 years with Uncitiy network has not only helped my own health, but made me a better preventative health advocate for my patients, friends and family.
Michael I., MD

My stepdaughter has been battling diabetes for the last several years (diagnosed at 21 - now 34). Last Labor Day she was hospitalized for a week. Her cholesterol was high and the doctor told her if it was still high when she got her next test he was going to put her on meds. So she asked to try BiosLife2. She has been taking 4 packets a day and today she called me with these staggering results: Cholesterol 352 down to 191. H. A. 1. C 15 down to 7. 9. HDL 39. 2 up to 59. LDL 244 down to 104. Triglycerides from 344 down to 140. She also followed a low carbohydrate diet.

Her doctor was astounded at the changes. He said the meds could not have done this well. The physician assistant in the office wants to refer patients to me to purchase BiosLife2 if they want to try natural treatment first.
Brenda G.

I went to my doctor to discuss my rising health risk due to elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. He had tried to put me on medication to lower my cholesterol several times over the summer. (I was unable to take any of the ones I tried, and for that I will be forever grateful. ) In August, my cholesterol was 235 and should be under 200. My triglycerides were 200 and should be less than 150. My LDL was 147 and should be less than 120.

After being on BiosLife2 for less than 4 months I was told by my doctor that my levels are great! Cholesterol is 185. Triglyceride is 123. LDL is 116. The good cholesterol is still around 44 and needs to be more than 55. Hopefully this will improve with more time. I am so thrilled with these results, because my doctor told me that my previous numbers were right in line with the average patient who comes in the ER with a heart attack!

I am 39 years old and certainly did not like hearing that, but did not want to take the prescription drug that he was encouraging me to take. I had been reading about BiosLife2 and decided to give it a try.
Jerilee G.

As as airline pilot, I receive a medical every six months. Last February I saw my Flight Surgeon (who is now a part of our Unicity Network through his wife) and the subject of cholesterol came up. I had been taking Fenofibrite (a typical Lipodryl/statin type drug) for elevated cholesterol. As I do not like taking chemicals, I asked the doctor if there were any other alternatives. He said he had been researching a company for about eight months, and since he has always been interested in the nutritional side of medicine, he said he was very impressed with this company, had spoken to their experts and was quite confident in their natural products.

He said I could try the Bios Life 2 which has been very successful in lowering cholesterol. After taking Bios Life 2 for about two months, I had a blood test and went back to see my Flight Surgeon. He was very pleased to report that my cholesterol, which had still been on the high side taking the medication, was much improved and that my LDL/HDL ratio was terrific! Subsequent to that, he said that I could probably stop taking the medication and just take the Bios Life 2 and we would test my results at a later date. I said that I had already stopped taking the medication when he told me about the Bios Life 2 back in February!

He was amazed and since then I have only been taking the Bios Life 2 with great success. Thank you Unicity Network for all the fantastic natural products available to help everyone!
John H., Vancouver Canada

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