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The Company that owns the patent on Bios Life 2® (and has several other natural products which are proven effective against specific health issues) has been using a direct sales method for building their business. This means that a large percentage of their marketing funds are used to pay independent business owners (“Distributors” or “Associates”) to generate sales and to sign up additional people to work part time or full time selling these products.

Because these products are proven effective against increasingly critical and relevant health concerns that the baby-boomers are now encountering, this is an unusual opportunity.

I started my business to market this set of products because they are unique, they work, they are safe, and they are less costly than statins and other pharmaceutical drugs. The only difficulty is credibility: why doesn’t everyone already use these products, given the dangers of statin drugs and the almost epidemic levels of high cholesterol. Because this relatively small company does not advertise, and does not hire salespeople (detailers) to call on doctors, they have been outspent by pharmaceutical giants by over 500 to 1!!!! The Bios Life2® clinically-proven benefits are clear, and many doctors have endorsed these products. But the voice is not yet loud enough—and that is exactly why I believe this is still a remarkable opportunity!

Join the group of independent business owners who care enough to get the word out, make great commissions, and make a difference to the thousands of people who truly need these products and haven’t yet heard about them!!!

What can you make? It’s a commission business, so it is dependent on your success—your ability to find five other people who understand the value of this product (almost all Distributors are also product users, with their own dramatic stories to tell), and who are willing to work part time (in retirement, perhaps) at their own pace to share this story with others. But suffice it to say that there are hundreds, even thousands of people who have joined this special group and who have created an authentic, sustainable, predictable and compelling business for themselves.

Why is it so easy? It is not easy, but it is easier than almost any other sales operation I have been involved in-- because of the incredible value of the product, the almost universal need for the product, and the research and patents behind it. Few who acknowledge a need to lower their cholesterol actually say no to this product—and that’s a nice position to be in!

I would be happy to discuss how you can get in on this now, professionally, with strong corporate support, and with pride that you are distributing a product that truly makes a difference in people’s lives. Email us now with your phone number and best time to call… we’ll get back to you at your convenience: [email protected] .


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