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Joint lubrication system to maximize joint mobility
Reduce joint pain
Low cholesterol heartTens of millions of people suffer from joint problems, stiffness and pain. Joint health is key to wellness.  

After all, it’s difficult to feel healthy when the very act of walking hurts! Keeping your joints strong, agile and flexible is a priority for people wanting to live life to its fullest. When joints, which are made up of connective tissue, receive natural, effective support, the difference is amazing. CM Plex™, which supports joint health, contains a proprietary blend of cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, and other cetyl esters, which help lubricate the joints, increasing mobility and encouraging a more active lifestyle.*

These ingredients have captured significant attention recently with researchers and scientists involved in the discovery of natural ingredients that support joint health.*

CM Plex™ is available as CM Plex™ Cream and CM Plex™ Capsules, individually, and as a CM Plex™ System (both cream and capsules).

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  • Helps increase mobility*
  • Encourages a more active lifestyle

    The word “joint” refers to any of the connections between the body’s more than 200 bones.
  • Arthritis and other rheumatic conditions are chronic and disabling, and affect an estimated 40 million Americans.
  • Nearly 50 percent of persons 65 years of age or older have arthritis; younger people have a lower risk of having arthritis but still comprise half of all people affected.

Research Brief

The word “joint” refers to any of the connections between the body’s more than 200 bones. Joints are classified into three categories according to structure and movability. Cartilaginous joints, in which cartilage joins the bones, can move slightly - for example, the joints connecting the vertebrae and pubic bones. Fibrous joints are immovable, such as the joints between skull segments. Most of the joints in the body are freely moving synovial joints, in which touching bones surfaces are covered by cartilage, connected with ligaments, and lined with synovial membrane. Synovial joints take several forms, including ball and socket, gliding, hinge, pivot, and saddle.

Millions of people lose joint mobility and flexibility at some point in their lives . These problems can prevent full participation in many of life's daily activities. However, natural nutrients can deliver various benefits, including joint lubrication and smooth joint movement. Vitamin C is vital to the formation of healthy connective tissue in ligaments and bones. Several other natural supplements have captured significant attention recently as researchers and scientists attempt to find effective ingredients to support joint health.*


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will CM Plex™ lose its effectiveness with continuous use?

A The bones and joints are active structures, constantly creating new tissue and breaking down old. A healthy, varied diet profoundly affects this ongoing process. As with any other component of our nutrition, the CM Plex™ supplement can assist the body at any and all adult stages in life.*

Q Can CM Plex™ be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers?

A As with many other nutritional supplements, it is not recommended that a pregnant woman or nursing mother use CM Plex .

Q Has any human research been done on the ingredients contained in CM Plex™?

A Yes. In fact, a human clinical study, presented at a major scientific conference in April 2001, demonstrated remarkable effects.*

Q What foods are sources of nutrients that support joint health?

A Foods high in vitamin C, such as several fruits and vegetables, are important because vitamin C is vital to the body's development of connective tissue in ligaments, skin, bones and blood vessels. The body cannot make its own vitamin C, so absorbing adequate amounts through diet and supplementation is crucial. *

Q What does CM Plex™ Cream feel and smell like?

A Scented with natural essential oils, this natural cream is non-greasy, fast absorbing, and convenient to use. It is formulated in an emollient base and uses liposome technology for speedy results. It is not a heat-delivering balm or a strong-smelling sport s rub that relies on menthol as the active ingredient .

Q Can I use both CM Plex™ cream and capsules?

A Yes. The two work synergistically together for maximum results .


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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