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This service is designed to help you reduce your Total Cholesterol, LDL, and Triglycerides, while raising your “good” cholesterol, HDL.

The product used in this service, BIOS LIFE ®, is the ONLY clinically proven cholesterol-reducing agent listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference® that has NO contra-indications or dangerous side-effects! It is medically endorsed as an effective treatment for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and regulating blood sugar levels. It has been tested independently, it works to lower cholesterol significantly, and it’s natural.

Start on the road to heart health immediately…if you have high cholesterol (higher than 200), you already know you must do something to reduce your cholesterol quickly. At that high level, your doctor may even be considering prescribing potentially dangerous statin drugs, weighing the risk of your high cholesterol as perhaps worse than the risk of the statin drug’s side-effects.

Now, for the first time, there is proven medical research offering a safe first step… a way to lower cholesterol without statin drugs.


The most critical cardiovascular concern is when cholesterol builds up inside your arteries, forms plaque, and then clogs your arteries. If your “Total Cholesterol” is over 150, you are building up plaque… if it is over 200, it is considered to be building up so fast that Doctors will generally treat it with strong drugs (with some potentially dangerous side effects).

Proper diet and proper exercise can definitely help reduce this risk, but for most people the diet changes and amounts of exercise required are quite dramatic and extremely difficult.

Many people (over half of the U.S. population) have this risk because of their high cholesterol levels and they don’t even know it because you can’t feel it until it’s too late. You won’t know it until you have your blood tested or, worse, until you experience the effects of a compromised cardiovascular system.

The good news? The Physicians’ Desk Reference® (“PDR”) now has BIOS LIFE® as a unique, safe product that actually works to lower cholesterol, reduce weight, and stabilize blood sugar levels.

This heart health treatment:

  • IS CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce blood serum cholesterol an average of 30%*
  • IS CLINICALLY PROVEN to reduce triglycerides by over 70%*
  • IS RECOMMENDED IN THE PHYSICIANS’ DESK REFERENCE® as a safe and effective way to significantly lower cholesterol.
  • Has NO dangerous side-effects because it is natural.
  • And is less expensive than statin drugs advertised on television because it is not sold through retail pharmacies—it is sold directly from Distributors, eliminating another costly layer
  • Because of its medically acknowledged safety, BIOS LIFE® does not require a Doctor’s prescription! (Lower cost, again!)
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How does it work? It gets soluble and insoluble fibers into the bloodstream very efficiently. There is significant and consistent evidence that a very high fiber diet (especially insoluble fiber) causes a long-term reduction of heart disease and heart attacks by numbers in the 35-50% risk-reduction range. BIOS LIFE ® has a patented method of getting this fiber dissolved and into the bloodstream quickly and more completely, therefore making the fiber intake even more effective. IT IS THE ONLY NATURAL, SAFE PRODUCT THAT IS INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN TO WORK!

What can you do?
Start the American HeartHealth Treatment NOW…. Only $78.00 per month... and we’ll ship you, once a month, your full supply of BIOS LIFE ® which is clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels dramatically… it could well be the single most important decision you make this year.

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If you don’t get a clear improvement in your cholesterol after using the product for 60 days, we will refund your money with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! We are that confident of our product!!
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PS. You will get the benefits of cholesterol reduction in 60 days… so start now on the path to “HeartHealth.” You CAN improve your cardiovascular health!

*These results are from the Stillwater Heart Study performed by Dr. Arthur Hagan, MD., FA. CC. Because natural medicines are not regulated by the FDA, this agency has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.
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