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Steve Keim, Lowers cholesterol

"I discovered Bios Life 2® because I used it to lower my cholesterol and get off of statin drugs… it probably saved my life since I saw my cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL drop dramatically… so I know it works for me personally. "

Steve Keim
Founder and President,  American HeartHealth Services






But what was exciting to me, since I am a 58 year-old corporate manager, father of six daughters, and a true skeptic, was that I had discovered a few products which (despite being "natural" and "safe") actually were CLINICALLY AND INDEPENDENTLY PROVEN TO WORK. This from a lot of independent, third party testing by the Stillman Heart Center and the Cleveland Clinic, and others. It led me to founding American HeartHealth Services to bring under one roof:

Conveniently-delivered, scientifically-proven, 100%-safe and natural treatments for improving heart health… treatments that have even been recognized and listed in the prestigious Physicians’ Desk Reference®.
  1. This product works… It lowers Total Cholesterol on average by 30%, and Triglycerides an amazing 70%, it lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) by 25%, and raises the good cholesterol (HDL) by 30%. These results were reported by Dr. Jerry Bresnehan referring to Dr. Arthur Hagan’s Stillwater Heart Study referenced in footnote 4 below. For every one percent reduction in Total Cholesterol, there is a 2% reduction in risk of heart attack*1. Increasing fiber intake to 30gms per day resulted in a 41% reduction in heart attacks*2.

    It is proven in independent tests (Cleveland Clinic Study*3 and the Stillwater Heart Study*4, and confirmed with additional research (Rexall International*5). It is listed on page 3237-3238 of the 2004 Physicians’ Desk Reference® (the gold standard of Medical Reference Sources).

    It is logical that it works… there is a huge amount of research which shows that diets high in soluble fiber (35 mgs/day) dramatically reduce the blood serum cholesterol and the risk of heart attacks*6. It is very hard to sustain normal diets at this level, however, and any other mix or pill form of soluble fiber intake doesn’t get dissolved and distributed in the body efficiently… it just passes through the system as a glutinous mass…

    It is unique… Our product is patented*7 because it has the only mixture that allows over 95% absorption of the fiber into the system … it is 400% more effective than other fiber additives.

  2. This product is safe… Unlike Statin Drugs, this product has NO dangerous side-effects, as shown in the PDR. No “contraindications,” no “warnings,” and no “adverse reactions.”*8 This is very important as side–effects from prescription drugs, PROPERLY prescribed, are the third largest cause of premature death! It is a natural, proven-effective regimen. In fact, many Doctors are anxious to wean their patients off statin drugs by replacing it with Bios Life 2®

  3. This American HeartHealthService™ is easy to use…

    What it is:
    it is an ongoing program of using Bios Life 2 (one packet mixed with a glass of juice or water two to four times a day). Within 60-90 days your cholesterol should show significant improvement. Then, as long as you maintain this program, your cholesterol will stay stabilized. It’s tasty, in orange and fruit punch flavors… the results are measurable with a simple blood test, so we encourage you to prove it for yourself… this is a clear and measurable way to take control of and improve your cardiovascular health.

    Why it’s easy: we will automatically ship you a monthly supply to your home, and deduct the cost from your credit card. If at any time you decide to stop, simply let me know (contact us through this website) and you will receive no further supplies, nor any further charges. Because it has no dangerous side effects or warnings, and it is listed in the PDR, there is no necessity for a special doctor’s visit, although we would encourage you to discuss it with your physician if you have any ongoing treatments. Just order it from us today, and begin using it as directed.
  4. This is a good value… for about $2.00 a day you are protecting yourself from the greatest cause of premature death in America… at less than the cost of statin drugs, at less than the cost of special diet plans, and at less than the cost of a cappuccino! While no one can really put a price on life, this proven treatment is truly affordable.

    Medical insurance: This service may be covered under many private health insurance policies.*9

    Total Cost: If you sign up now, the cost will be $56.00 per month plus shipping. I will guarantee that the price does not go up for at least 18 months as a special incentive to act this month. In fact, I will give you a 60 day money back guarantee if you start taking the product now… no questions asked!!!! (The equivalent of a FREE TRIAL!)

    Are you ready to make what I am convinced is a great decision to try out this product? With no dangerous side effects, with strong research support, with medical endorsements, and with a money-back guarantee, if you are at risk, please sign up for our service today.
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    1. Lipids Research Clinic program: The Lipids Research Clinics coronary primary prevention trial results. JAMA (251): 351-364, 1984.
    2. From Harvard University: Romm, E.B., Ascherio A., Giovannucci E., Spiegelman D., Stampser MJ., Willett, W.C. Vegetable, Fruit, and Cereal Fiber Intake and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Among Men. JAMA (275)6: 447-51, Feb. 14, 1996
    3. Sprecher, D.L., Pierce G. L. Fiber-multivitamin combination therapy: a beneficial influence on low-density lipoprotein and Homocysteine. Metabolism. 2002 Sep; 51(9): 1166-70. Cleveland Clinic.
    4. Referenced in “Bios Life 2: Your #1 Defense Against the #1 Killer” p.33, Dr. Jerry Bresnahan
    5. Rexall International Abstract January 1997
    6. Click here to see this research
    7. Patent # 4,883,788 and #4,824,672 “Method and Composition for Reducing Serum Cholesterol.”
    8. Reference Sheet, sourced from the PDR, entitled “Comparison of Rexall’s Bios Life 2® Natural with Prescription Drugs.” Bios Life 2® is found in the 2004 Physicians’ Desk Reference® on page 3237.
    9. The following plans have reportedly reimbursed for this service: Accumed; Bankers United; Blue Cross Blue Shield (some); Champus; Cigna; Aetna; Fortis Benefits; General Accident; Hartford Insurance; Humana; John Alden; Metropolitan; Mutual of Omaha. An “EOB” [Explanation of Benefits] is on file with for each of these companies. Other companies have also reimbursed on occasion. Reimbursement will depend on many variables including your policy, your condition, how your claim is filed, and sometimes, your willingness to persevere. The CPT code recommended for filing your claims is: “supplies and materials provided by the physician over and above those usually included with the office visit or the services rendered.”

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